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Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VII
ASP Conference Series, Vol. 145, 1998
Editors: R. Albrecht, R. N. Hook and H. A. Bushouse


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The 1997 conference of the Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems (ADASS) Conference series was organized by the Space Telescope European Coordinating Facility and the European Southern Observatory from 14-17 September, 1997. It was the first time this conference had been held in Europe.

The conference took place in the Allgäu Stern Hotel and Conference Centre in Sonthofen, Bavaria. There were 222 registered participants from 20 different countries; the distribution was 38 participants from Germany (including ESO), 100 from the US and Canada, and 84 others. Through the financial aid program we were able to support 15 participants from 9 countries. We made special efforts to support scientists from eastern Europe to help our colleagues there during difficult times.

The program of the conference consisted of 6 invited papers and 39 oral contributions. 92 posters were on display and 11 computer demonstrations were presented. Seven birds-of-a-feather (BOF) sessions were held on the following topics: Astrobrowse, Linux, IRAF, IDL, AIPS/AIPS++, FITS, and Scheduling/Pipelines. 119 contributions were submitted for inclusion in the proceedings, including 4 of the invited papers, 30 of the contributed papers, and 85 of the poster papers.

Because of infrastructure limitations there was no pre-conference tutorial and no IRAF Developers Workshop. However, there was a tag-along meeting on the topic of Converging Computing Methodologies in Astronomy (CCMA).

The Bavarian mountains and the beautiful weather made the conference quite enjoyable for the participants. The high point of the social program was the Conference Banquet which was held in a Bavarian brewery and which featured enormous quantities of food and, upholding an ancient Bavarian custom, free beer. As an added bonus there was a total lunar eclipse during the banquet.

The conference sponsors included the European Southern Observatory
(ESO), the European Space Agency (ESA), the Space Telescope European Coordinating Facility (ST-ECF), the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI), the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO), Sun Microsystems Deutschland, CREASO (IDL Germany), Sybase, and Pink Aviation Services. We want to thank the sponsors for their generous support.

The Program Organizing Committee of the conference consisted of the following members: Rudi Albrecht (ST-ECF/ESO), Roger Brissenden (SAO), Tim Cornwell (NRAO), R. Crutcher (University of Illinois), F. Rick
Harnden - Chair (SAO), George Jacoby (NOAO), Jonathan McDowell (SAO), Jan Noordam (NFRA), Dick Shaw (STScI), Richard Simon (NRAO), Britt Sjöberg (ST-ECF), Doug Tody (NOAO), and Dave Van Buren (IPAC).

The Local Organizing Committee members were Miguel Albrecht (ESO), Rudi Albrecht - Chair (ST-ECF), Piero Benvenuti (ST-ECF), Preben Grosbøl (ESO), Richard Hook (ST-ECF), Benoît Pirenne (ST-ECF), Peter Quinn (ESO), Britt Sjöberg (ST-ECF), Christine Telander (ESO), and Eline Tolstoy (ST-ECF).

We also had the help of numerous other people. Setting up a LAN and an Internet connection on short notice in a hotel environment turned out to be a non-trivial effort and was only possible due to the heroic efforts of ST-ECF staff members and of staff of SERCo, the ESO computer support contractor.

ADASS VIII will be hosted by the National Center for Supercomputer Applications (NCSA) and the University of Illinois Astronomy Department. It will be held November 1-4, 1998 at the University of Illinois in Urbana, Illinois, USA. Information can be found at .

Rudi Albrecht
Richard Hook
Space Telescope -- European Coordinating Facility

Howard Bushouse
Space Telescope Science Institute

April 1998

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