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Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VI
ASP Conference Series, Vol. 125, 1997
Editors: Gareth Hunt and H. E. Payne


These Proceedings were prepared in nearly the same manner as the ADASS IV volume (ASP Conference Series, Volume 77), as a single LaTeX document using a style based on the ASP conference style. A skeleton document was constructed to incorporate the 117 separate contributions, as chapters, along with the front and back matter. The table of contents, indices, and cross-references between contributions were done with the standard LaTeX tools.

The few differences from the ADASS IV volume anticipate the conversion of the volume into electronic form for the Web. The ADASS V volume (ASP Conference Series, Volume 101), edited by George Jacoby and Jeannette Barnes, contained links to the NASA Astrophysics Data System for as many of the references as possible-we have tried to do the same. The HTML 3.2 standard contains a few new special symbols that allowed us to reduce the number of bitmaps required to reproduce the math in the papers. This should reduce download times.

Again, pages were typeset in 10point Computer Modern fonts on pages approximately the same size as those in the final product. Tomas Rokicki's dvips program was used to scale the output up to 11point for the final proofs, which were printed at NRAO on an HP LaserJet 4M, using 600dpi Computer Modern fonts constructed especially for this project. After being reduced by the publisher, the final result is true 10point Computer Modern fonts at an effective resolution of 660dpi.

All authors submitted their manuscripts electronically to the editors. One was submitted by electronic mail, the rest were deposited in a designated anonymous ftp area. All were submitted with LaTeX markup.

The 117 individual contributions were accompanied by 118 encapsulated PostScript (EPS) files, all of which were used in the final product. Only one figure was submitted on paper. About 60% of the EPS files required manual editing, either to repair an incorrect BoundingBox, or to rotate figures submitted in landscape orientation back to portrait orientation. The lone paper figure was scanned for inclusion in the volume.

The proceedings of this conference are once again being made available on the World Wide Web thanks to the permission of the Editors of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. This is available from NRAO and STScI. The conversion was done by feeding the entire LaTeX document to a modified version of Nikos Drakos' LaTeX2 html program.

© Copyright 1997 Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 390 Ashton Avenue, San Francisco, California 94112, USA

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