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Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems IV
ASP Conference Series, Vol. 77, 1995
Book Editors: R. A. Shaw, H. E. Payne, and J. J. E. Hayes
Electronic Editor: H. E. Payne


These Proceedings were prepared as a single LaTeX document, using a style based on the PASP conference style. The 122 independent LaTeX documents containing the contributed manuscripts were automatically processed into a form suitable for incorporation into a skeleton document, along with the front and back matter. The table of contents, indices, and cross-references between contributions were done in pretty much standard LaTeX fashion. The list of participants was provided by ferberts associates.

The decision to create a single large document was based on the hope that it would facilitate the production of the electronic version of these proceedings. It also made it easy to incorporate late papers into an almost-final version. A UNIX Makefile helped keep all of the pieces up-to-date.

Pages were typeset in 10point Computer Modern fonts on pages approximately the same size as those in the final product. Tomas Rokicki's dvips program was used to scale the output up to 11point for the final proofs, which were printed at ST ScI on an HP LaserJet 4M, using 600dpi Computer Modern fonts constructed especially for this printer. After being reduced by the publisher, the final result should be true 10point Computer Modern fonts at an effective resolution of 660dpi.

All 120 manuscripts were received electronically, either via anonymous ftp or e-mail. Of these 119 contained usable LaTeX markup.

There are 119 figures, for which we received 130 Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) files and only eight figures on paper. We have clearly reached the point where EPS can be considered a near-universal standard. We scanned the eight printed figures (and the conference photograph), so that all of the figures would be available in the electronic version. All of the submitted EPS files were printable, although some were too big (in bytes) to be useful. In particular, some images were sent to us as color images, essentially making them 3 times bigger than necessary. For these files we created images at a lower resolution and saved them as black and white PostScript. Many figures had erroneous BoundingBox comments, forcing authors to resort to the plotfiddle macro. Since this makes the pages unscalable, we fixed all of the BoundingBox comments and replaced all of the plotfiddle commands---this was easier than it sounds, and should have been explained to authors in the first place. We formatted one of the 24 tables into an EPS file so that it could be included in landscape orientation (page gif). The conference photograph, with its overlay and identifier list, was done the same way.

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