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Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XII
ASP Conference Series, Vol. 295, 2003
Editors: H. E. Payne, R. I. Jedrzejewski, and R. N. Hook

Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series Volume 295

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Edited by
Harry E. Payne, Robert I. Jedrzejewski, and Richard N. Hook

Cover Illustration: For spacecraft observations of variable targets, monitoring programs, and targets of opportunity, there is a need for flexible scheduling to obtain scientifically interesting exposures. Anuradha Koratkar, Sandy Grosvenor, Jeremy Jones, and Karl Wolf (see their paper on p. 152) argue that re-prioritizing and rescheduling must be done automatically by the spacecraft, in accordance with the science goals of the observer. The components of a science goal monitoring (SGM) system is shown in this figure: (left) a tool for capturing science goals, (center) an analyzer that monitors the science data stream and decides whether or not science goals are being met, and (right) an interface for interacting with the science goal analyzer.